Moving With The Times

Moving With The Times

Since you're here on a completely new website, you can probably tell that there's a bit of a rebranding going on here at Bookmarksical!

I've been working on it behind the scenes for a while, and I'm excited to finally have the new website up and running for you to enjoy! Hopefully you'll find this site less cluttered and easier to navigate.

The transition has been going on piece by piece for quite a while. As sales had tanked, I stopped offering my handmade book sleeves a few months ago and focused on my soy candles & wax melts. All of the candle labels have been updated, and you'll start to see them on candles added to the shop for new scents & restocks!

I've also listened to my Twitch community and added ORT/thread catchers to the shop! If you're a crafter, be sure to check them out! Sales have been decent, and I'll keep them on the shop for a few more months before deciding whether they'll be permanent.

Streaming on Twitch has become another priority of mine in 2022. In order to interact with you all more, show more behind the scenes of the candle making, and provide added income to the business, I've increased stream times to 4 hours a day, Monday-Friday.

While becoming a Twitch Partner is not a goal at the moment, I am working toward earning minimum wage for the hours I stream. With this, I hope to provide more income for myself & contribute more to our family finances. I'm not there yet, but I'm on the way!

As a small business owner, I think it's important to learn and evolve. I hope you will all continue with me on this journey. I'm certainly excited to see what the future holds!

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