• Quirky

    One thing's for certain, our candles certainly aren't boring! Named like cozy murder mysteries, our candles will bring some fun into your shopping experience with names like 'In Cold Blood Orange' and 'Murder on the Orient Espresso.' And yes, the scents are to die for!

  • Clean

    Did you know that soy wax burns clean! Candles made from soy wax will give you a cleaner burn since they produce much less smoke than candles made from paraffin. This means that anyone sensitive to candle smoke will have a much easier time with our soy candles!

  • Handmade

    All of our candles & wax melts are hand poured with love and attention to detail that will fill your home with joy. Shopping from us means you're supporting a small business with big dreams! Every purchase helps us provide for our family & gets us 1 step closer to our dream of opening a physical shop!

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