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Mourning Moon Candles

Floral Faves Mini Bundle

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Candle bundles are perfect to give as gifts, or as a way to try out some of our best-selling scents for yourself!

The 'Floral Faves' bundle contains 3 candle minis (2oz tins)

  • Lavender Laceration - Lavender Laceration is a relaxing combination of vanilla and lavender.
  • Mourning Dew - Mourning Dew is a light floral scent combining lily of the valley & rose petals. This scent is perfect for bringing a little bit of spring into your home any time of the year!
  • English Garden Execution - A lovely combination of lilac, rose, and jasmine, this candle will transport you to an English garden in full bloom. Don't worry though, we promise won't be an execution!
These candles are hand poured 100% with soy wax candle.  We recommend burning 2-3 hours at a time. 2oz candle total burn time is approximately 8-10 hours.